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FCAO courses are now NCAA approved

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The NCAA has approved all FCAO courses for student athletes. Student-athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to be eligible to play NCAA Division I or II sports in college. Athletes playing in Division III do not have to register. For more information about registering for NCAA Eligibility, go to the NCAA Eligibility website here.

Read the article "Edgenuity’s Instructional Services Now Pre-Approved by NCAA, Edgenuity’s Rigorous, Standards-Aligned Courses and Implementation are Driving Better Academic Outcomes for Student-Athletes"




School is open in the summer! FCAO offers online summer school courses to high school students. Registration begins toward the end of the school year in the last quarter. Students should check with their school counselor for information and guidance. Registration forms are available for download online, or in the guidance office at the high school. 

FCAO Student workingIs online learning right for you? Take this simple quiz to help you decide if you have what it takes to be a successful online learner, or to learn about what it takes to be one. The results do not determine whether or not you can enroll, but it is a good evaluative tool and it will help you to make the right choice. Here is the link: Online Learning Quiz