Fox Chapel Area Education Fund: Scholarships and Awards

The Education Fund coordinates the award process for the following scholarships and awards which are available for students in the Fox Chapel Area School District.

The Craig Shondeck Memorial Scholarship was established in 1988 by friends and family of Craig Shondeck, a 1986 graduate of Fox Chapel Area High School. Awards are based on achievement and community service.

The Nancy Jane Edelman Scholarship was established in 1992 by the Edelman family to honor Nancy Jane Edelman for 23 years of service on the Fox Chapel Area Board of School Directors. The scholarship is awarded to a student planning to major in math or science, with an interest in teaching in public schools.

The Wilson and Carol McAuley Memorial Scholarship was created in 2000 by the McAuley estate to recognize students who are interested in business or technology as a career. It is awarded based on community service and academic achievement.

The Aspinwall Woman's Scholarship was established by the members of the Woman's Club of Aspinwall for a Fox Chapel Area High School senior who is interested in majoring in Fine Arts in college (includes art, music, drama, communications, theater, and/or dance.)

The Ed Boyle Memorial Scholarship was established by the Boyle family in 2008 to be given to a graduating male soccer player. Ed Boyle was a Fox Chapel Area High School physical education teacher serving as the Head Soccer Coach for nine years and returning to the soccer program as an assistant coach in the late 1970's until his retirement in 1992. The scholarship recognizes Ed's love for soccer and pride in the Fox Chapel Area High School.

The Clarence S. and Margaret F. Fugh Scholarships were established by the Fugh Family Foundation and became a part of the Education Fund in 1992. Fugh Scholarships are awarded to Sharpsburg residents based on achievement, community service, and financial need.

Jeffrey Dean Memorial Award recognizes a senior who exhibits leadership and has shown a passion for musical performance at the High School. Jeffrey Dean was a student at Fox Chapel Area High School who graduated in 1980. Jeffrey died in 2005 and his family and friends established this award in memory of the joy he found and brought to others through musical performance.

The Kenneth L. Dunn Memorial Award was established by the Dunn family in memory of Kenneth Dunn who died in 1996 during his senior year at Fox Chapel Area High School. Nominations of students who have demonstrated kindness to others are made by high school faculty members.

The Terry Tarasi Memorial Award is awarded to a senior who has played boys' varsity soccer. It was established to honor the memory of Terry Tarasi, an extraordinary young man, who demonstrated his character and leadership both on and off the soccer field.

The Technology Student Association (TSA) Award was established in 1998, and is awarded to graduating members of TSA who have demonstrated superior achievements in service, leadership, and productivity; and who plan to further their studies in technology and industry.