WPALA Summer Course Offerings

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Course Offerings – Summer 2018
through Fox Chapel Area Online (FCAO)

Online courses run for 5 weeks from
Monday, June 18 through Friday, July 20


College and Career Essentials focuses on self-investigation, research methods, analytical skills, and post-secondary preparedness. Students will learn and practice professional verbal and written communications, interviewing techniques and follow-up correspondence, strategies for successful post-secondary job or college applications, creation of an effective personal résumé, and college and career readiness. The culminating experience is a one-on-one professional interview. Most activities are completed online with optional resume and interview workshops. .5 credits

SAT Prep

 SAT Prep prepares students by sharpening skills in all areas of the SAT as well as becoming savvy test-takers. Through a series of online instruction, online tests and practices, and instructor feedback, students develop their critical thinking strategies, build verbal competence, and enhance mathematics reasoning. In addition, students will acquire essential test-taking strategies which will help not only when taking the SAT, but in all similar test situations. All activities are completed online. Cost is $200.00. Students may earn .5 credits.



Health-Wellness allows students to develop knowledge and skills that will enhance their wellness while preparing them to make wise behavior choices throughout life. This course meets the Pennsylvania State Standards for Health, Safety, and Physical Education. It is delivered fully online, students will need access to a printer. It is offered to Fox Chapel Area students only. Cost is $200.00. Students will earn .5 credits.


For more information, contact Randi Leonard, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

School is open in the summer! FCAO offers online summer school courses to high school students. Registration begins toward the end of the school year in the last quarter. Students should check with their school counselor for information and guidance. Registration forms are available for download online, or in the guidance office at the high school.