Elementary Program

Guided by the elementary principals, an instructional staff of highly qualified teachers provides a rigorous and thorough program of instruction for students in kindergarten through grade five. Classrooms are organized to meet the instructional needs of children and various methods and materials are used to achieve high educational standards.

The early years of school are critical to future academic success. Children in the primary grades (kindergarten through grade three) participate in an academic program designed to meet the needs of young children. They learn to read, express their thoughts through writing and critical thinking, and work with numbers and mathematical operations. Children are also engaged in inquiry-based thinking through the disciplines of science and social studies. Opportunities are available to participate in the arts, engage in physical activity, access computer technology, and make use of extensive library collections.

While children in the primary grades are learning to read, write, and compute – children in grades four and five are applying these basic skills as they read to learn, write to communicate, use numbers to solve problems, and think critically in all areas of the curriculum including technology, the arts, physical education, and the use of the library.


Benchmark Literacy

The elementary curriculum includes a new reading and writing program for the 2013-2014 school year.  Students in grades K-5 will be instructed using Benchmark Literacy and Benchmark Writing.  The program was selected by the elementary teachers because it supports the Pennsylvania Core Standards and the practice of differentiated instruction.  The following video link provides an overview of the program.