January Paw Perk Winners

The students, groups and faculty members below were each given a Paw Perk for demonstrating either Respect, Responsibility, or Integrity during the month of January. Their names were then drawn randomly at our monthly drawing and they were each awarded a prize. Congratulations to all of our Kerr Elementary School students for demonstrating fantastic behavior!

Kindergarten- Kinsley Rimer, Shawn Entwisle
Grade 1- Bryce Paese, Brinlee Wolkiewicz
Grade 2- Imari Masuda, Mariah Venturino-Hazlett
Grade 3- Sophia Tai, Sophia Jacobs
Grade 4- Izzy Humphrey, Peter Mascilli
Grade 5- Chloe Kim, Ethanual Brittner

Great Job to all of our Paw Perk Winners for the month of January!